Module 1: STRATEGIC PLANNING - Preparing for the future

Integrated Urban Water Management (IUWM) offers an alternative approach to urban water management, which in most cities is undertaken in a fragmented way, relying on conventional technologies. IUWM recognises that problems encountered in one area of the urban water cycle may be the result of (mis)management in another. By looking at water in the city as one system, holistic evaluation becomes possible leading to a more efficient and sustainable use of resources.

Module 1 introduces the concept of IUWM and describes how shifting from a conventional approach to urban water management towards an approach based on integration is more suitable to meet current requirements and cope with future uncertainty. IUWM is particularly well suited to respond to pressures such as climate change, population growth and ageing infrastructure.

The module also demonstrates how greater integration can be realised in practice through the adoption of a strategic planning process. Rather than investing in short-term solutions that focus solely on today’s problems, the development and implementation of a strategic plan provides the framework for making sustainable urban water management a reality.

Module 1 will assist users in gaining a solid understanding of:

  • what constitutes an integrated approach to managing the urban water cycle and how it differs from a conventional approach;
  • how IUWM can help move towards increased sustainability in the urban water cycle and urban development in general; and
  • how to adopt IUWM through a long-term strategic planning process.

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