Module 3: WATER SUPPLY - Exploring the options

Module 3 presents an overview of water supply in cities and how this influences, and is influenced by, the urban water cycle and urban development as a whole. The aim of the module is to reassess the conventional approach to urban water supply and to examine an integrated approach that can lead to more sustainable management of resources.

This integrated approach prioritises investment in reducing demand rather than increasing supply. When combined with source protection, natural water treatment techniques and the use of alternative supplies, such an approach can protect and enhance fragile water environments, reduce service costs and energy consumption, and even contribute to flood control and improved wastewater treatment. Module 3 introduces a number of these alternative solutions.

Module 3 will assist users in gaining a better understanding of:

  • what constitutes a more sustainable approach to water supply and how this differs from a conventional approach;
  • the direct and indirect benefits that a city can gain by prioritising demand management and alternative sources of supply over increased resource development;
  • the opportunities that exist to improve potable water treatment efficiency, particularly through the use of natural systems; and
  • the solutions available to put a more sustainable approach to water supply into practice.

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