SWITCH Resources - All modules

Many publications were produced as part of the SWITCH project; a number of these have been referenced in different modules of the SWITCH Training Kit. The publications offer more detailed technical information but also examples of the practical application of approaches, options and technologies.

On this page can be found some of these key publications, arranged in alphabetical order according to the author’s last name. Trainers or readers with a particular interest can find more scientific papers and other resources developed during the SWITCH projects at www.switchurbanwater.eu/pubs.php


SWITCH Adaptation Handbook

SWITCH has also developed a handbook on “Adapting urban water systems to climate change”, which examines some of the key areas of vulnerability to climate change within urban water systems and proposes flexible and future-oriented urban water planning as a means to address climate change and implement adaptation actions. Finally, the handbook presents case studies of cities throughout the world.

Click here to access the SWITCH adaptation handbook and its case studies.


Adank_2011_Integrated urban water management in the Greater Accra

Agudelo_2006_Best practice and decision-support system for ecosan systems

Bates_2006_Green roofs

Bates_2007_Brown roofs

Bury_2008_Citizens involvement Hamburg Wilhelmsburg

Butterworth_2008_Learning alliances for innovation

Butterworth_2008_More effective partnerships for innovation

Butterworth_2011_Putting urban water management to the test

Chlebek_2008_Birmingham stakeholder analysis

da Silva Wells_2008_Social inclusion EMPOWERS

Darteh_2010_Institutional mapping Accra

de la Paz de San Miguel Brinquis_2009_Institutional mapping Zaragoza

Dias_2011_Institutional mapping Belo Horizonte

Ellis_2006_Review of stormwater control technologies

Ellis_2007_Evaluation Stormwater Strategies

Ellis_2009_Evaluation of decision making processes in urban SWM

Ellis_2009_Institutional mapping

Ellis_2011_Integrated decision support approach for SUDS

Ellis_2010_Stormwater as a Resource in the Urban Water Cycle

Fisher_2010_Strategic planning for IUWM

Gaviano_2009_Natural treatment systems for wastewater pollution control

Gimba_2009_City Water - Balance Model to Abelenkpe Area of Accra

Green_2007_Institutional mapping Birmingham

HafenCity University_2011_Institutional mapping Hamburg

Hoyer_2011_Water Sensitive Urban Design

Jefferies_2010_The SWITCH Transition Manual

kayaga_2011_Water demand management

Krauze_2008_Ecohydrological restoration of aquatic habitats in urban areas

Krauze_2010_Risk-based decision support system for eco-hydrological approach

Kujawa-Roeleveld_2011_Removal of pharmaceuticals compounds from concentrated wastewater

Loftus_2011_Adaptation handbook for decision makers at the local level

Maeng_2010_Multiple objective treatment aspects of Bank Filtration

Makropoulos_2020_Urban water optioneering tool

Mels_2009_Assessment of urban ecosan systems

Nelson_2008_Lessons from participatory governance

Nelson_2008_Social inclusion and IUWM

Nyarko_2007_Optimising social inclusion in Ghana

Peters_2010_Assessing future uncertainties urban drainage using COFAS tool

Picouet_2006_Adaptability and sensitivity of current stormwater control technologies

Salian_2011_Achievements in the Emscher Region

Salian_2011_SUWM - Achievements in Berlin

Sanz_2010_Diverse groups to clean up Bogota river

Sanz_2011_Cleaner production and conflict resolution

Schenk_2010_Systems-based generic decision support system

Scholes_2006_Options for stormwater reuse

Scholes_2008_Review of design guidelines for stormwater management

Shrestha_2007_Possibilities of wastewater recycling using vertical flow constructed wetlands

Shutes_2008_Integrating BMPs to existing infrastructure

Shutes_2010_Constructed wetlands for flood prevention and water reuse

Sieker_2007_Use of life-cycle cost calculation-tool

Sieker_2008_Modelling stormwater and evaluating potential solutions

Sijbesma_2008_Urban sanitation in six Indonesian cities

Smet_2008_Urban sanitation in Colombo

Smout_2010_Adapting ELL to carbon emissions

Soutter_2011_The City Water Information System

SWITCH Policy Briefing Note 3_2010_Decision support tools for IUWM systems

Tettenborn_2006_Agricultural demand for ecosan fertilizer

Tsegaye_2009_Agent-Based modelling to estimate residential water demand

UNESCO-IHE_2008_Natural systems in urban water management

UNESCO-IHE_UNAL-IDEA_2011_Villapinzon and Choconta tanneries

University of Athens_2006_Model: City Water Economics & Application Cases

van der Steen_2007_Inventory of approaches for Urban water Management

van der Steen_2008_ Conventional and Unconventional approach to Strategic planning for IUWM

van der Steen_2011_Sustainability indicators in strategic planning for IUWM

Wagner_2009_Ecohydrology as a basis for strategic planning

Wardale_2007_Feasibility of a micro-scale aquifer storage