Trainer material for module 1: Strategic planning - preparing for the future

Module 1  of the SWITCH Training Kit introduces the concept of Integrated Urban Water Management (IUWM). It describes how shifting from a conventional approach to urban water management towards an approach based on integration is more suitable to meet current requirements and cope with future uncertainty. The module also demonstrates how greater integration can be realised in practice through the adoption of a strategic planning process.

Trainer materials
Trainers can access presentations and exercises related to Module 1 here:

PowerPoint presentations
These presentations can be freely downloaded and modified according to the trainer’s needs.
•    Short presentation on strategic planning and IUWM (10 slides - file size 3.0 MB)
•    Detailed presentation on strategic planning and IUWM (33 slides - file size 10.1 MB. Note: the presentation is divided into chapters that can easily be extracted for separate use)
o    Chapter 1 – Why there is a need for change
o    Chapter 2 – Water in the city
o    Chapter 3 – Sustainable water management and IUWM
o    Chapter 4 – Strategic planning for IUWM

Here are examples of training exercises that can be used during training sessions about IUWM and strategic planning.

TypeMode of interactionRelevant chapter from detailed PowerPointObjective
Group workDiscussionChapter 1Drawing out the main drivers of change facing water management within the city(file size - 134 KB)
Group work Role play / DiscussionChapter 2Determining the linkages between and within water sectors and other urban sectors (file size - 126 KB)
Group workDiscussionAssessing the degree of sustainability in different implementation options (file size - 103 KB)