Trainer materials for Module 2: Stakeholders – involving all the players

Module 2  of the SWITCH Training Kit presents stakeholder involvement in the context of urban water management. It is closely linked to Module 1 which details IUWM and strategic planning – achieving successful and integrated management is not possible without the involvement of stakeholders. Also, both stakeholder involvement and strategic planning are cross-cutting aspects which trainers should always keep in mind, even when providing training on more technical issues such as, for example, the management of stormwater or wastewater.  

Trainer materials
Trainers can access presentations and exercises related to Module 2 here:

PowerPoint presentations
These presentations can be freely downloaded and modified according to the trainer’s needs.
•    Short presentation on multi-stakeholder involvement (10 slides - file size 530 KB)
•    Detailed presentation on multi-stakeholder involvement (30 slides - file size 1.1 MB. Note: the presentation is divided into chapters which can easily be extracted for separate use)
o    Chapter 1 – The need for effective stakeholder involvement
o    Chapter 2 – Stakeholders in urban water management
o    Chapter 3 – Stakeholder involvement and sustainability
o    Chapter 4 – Putting stakeholder involvement into practice
o    Chapter 5 – Involving stakeholders in strategic planning for IUWM

Here are examples of training exercises that can be used during training sessions about stakeholder involvement.


Mode of interaction

Relevant chapter from detailed PowerPoint


Group work


Chapter 2

Stakeholder identification (file size - 135 KB)

Group work


Chapter 5

Determining the importance and influence of identified stakeholders (file size - 117 KB)