Trainer materials for Module 6: Decision-support tools – Choosing a sustainable path

Integrated modelling and decision-support tools such as those introduced in Module 6  can help assess the urban water cycle from a holistic perspective and facilitate decision making that has a higher chance of leading to sustainable solutions, acknowledges uncertainty and prioritises interventions that have the flexibility to cope with a range of possible future scenarios. Adaptable to local circumstances, the tools discussed in this module focus on specific areas of the urban water cycle, such as stormwater management and water supply, whilst ensuring that the input data and interpretation of outputs are placed firmly in the context of IUWM.

Trainer materials
Trainers can access presentations and exercises related to Module 6 here:

PowerPoint presentations
These presentations can be freely downloaded and modified according to the trainer’s needs.
•    Short presentation on decision-support tools (10 slides - file size 609 KB)
•    Detailed presentation on decision-support tools (30 slides - file size 1.6 MB. Note: the presentation is divided into chapters that can easily be extracted for separate use)
o    Chapter 1 – Decision making in urban water management
o    Chapter 2 – Decision Support Systems
o    Chapter 3 – Examples of Decision Support Systems

Here are examples of training exercises that can be used during training sessions about decision-support tools.

Type Mode of interaction Relevant chapter from detailed PowerPoint Objective
Group work Discussion Chapter 1 Determining the difference between a conventional and an integrated approach to decision making in urban water management (file size - 111 KB)