The SWITCH Training Kit

The SWITCH Training Kit was created to initiate the application of more sustainable approaches to urban water management. The kit consists of a series of modules that address the overarching issues of integration in the urban water cycle and the innovative options that are available for putting IUWM into practice.

To assist with the development of these modules, ICLEI organised a number of workshops in cities around the world to pilot the Training Kit materials. The workshops tool place in cities which had expressed an interest in receiving the training due to current and future water management issues. The workshops were targeted specifically at staff from local government departments relevant for the topic of the workshop.

The pilot workshops are as follows:


Moving to more sustainable options in urban water management, Dublin, Ireland, 16-17 December 2009

Managing Stormwater in the City of the Future, Johannesburg, South Africa, 18-20 May 2010


Managing Wastewater in the City of the Future, Munoz, Philippines, 27-28 July 2010


Managing Water Demand in the City of the Future, Entebbe, Uganda, 28-29 July 2010